Bollinger Bands is a technical analysis tool that uses a statistical measure called standard deviation to create upper and lower bands around the moving average of a stock’s price.

The 3BB Scanner simply scans for the stocks which closes above the 3 Standard Deviation Upper Bollinger Band in 15 minute timeframe. We use this as a base watchlist for the stocks that we can trade with 3BB Bollinger Bands Strategy.

  • To maintain liquidity, It scans the stocks which are in derivatives.
  • 3BB Scanners and in general, Entropy does not work when there is fundamental news.

Scanner Data -

Pricing: The 3BB scanner is free.

How to Access: You can use it by joining our communities.

Scanner History -

You can check the last 80 scans/triggers here. (It gets updated daily EOD) – 

Beware of Fundamental News!

Now, the entire scanner’s primary base point is Bollinger Band.

This tool works well in normal market conditions, where the stock price follows a log-normal distribution, but it may not make sense in certain situations, such as when there is serious fundamental news that can malform the log-normal distribution.

  • In such scenarios, the stock price may experience an abnormal movement that deviates from its usual pattern, causing the Bollinger Bands to become irrelevant.
  • For instance, if a company reports a significant drop in earnings or a major scandal, the stock price may plummet with or without Bollinger Bands.

So, if this is no external fundamental news, We have our watchlist!