30% On Profit.

That’s All.


Passive Investment

Our trade setups will be automatically replicated in your trading accounts. All you need to do is open your demat account with us with our preferred broker because that gives us the flexibility of execution.

The current minimum capital is 150,000 ₹.


Live Performance


See What They Are Saying

It was very helpful to understand logic behind the trades as it helped me to get more patience and sets expectation on profit or loss of the trades. The discussions on implemented strategies enhanced my knowledge on how to approach future investments/trades.

PanneerselvamComputer Engineer at Adobe

Well managed strategy from experienced traders. Risk reward ratio is highly achievable and bends with the market direction.

Mallikajun SSofware Enginner

When I entered the world of stock market, my rationale behind selecting the trade was just like flipping a coin i.e. 50-50 chances of winning-losing. Even after 50% chances of winning, I lost most of the times. So winning a trade is not just the probability of winning during the selection of a trade but it's the emotional control, to be specific its when to enter and when to book the profit/loss. Unofficed has proved to be the best learning platform for me where I learned all the strategies and emotional control required during the trades and I have become a profitable trader now. The team is very quick in response.

Ishan NarmaDentist

Its Alway a great to learn theta strategy and its trades. I saw early loss also, the best thing is these people don't hide anything from you and their risk analysis and position sizing is best.

Harshit SanghviBusiness Development Executive at Mahalaxmi Group of Companies

I did not know anything about options, but joined the automation seeing the awesome past performance of the strategy.The team always respond to your queries and manage drawdowns in a way I never envisioned!


Few Nitty Gritty Details

Minimum Capital

The strategy requires margin for holding two lots of BankNIFTY options for delivery. So, the current minimum capital is 150,000 INR. The absolute drawdown is capped at 20%.

Capital Control

The trades will be executed into your demat account directly giving you full control over your capital. Also, only you alone can withdraw the capital to your bank account.

Profit Sharing

The business model is based on profit sharing. The only way for us to make money is to make you money!

Let your passive income exceeds your expenses.