Learn To Invest


The trading system behind the trades of theta is not complicated and quite easy to comprehend. Anyone can do it! Its total disciplinary approach towards quantifying the fear and greed.

Learn The Reason

Learn When To Buy. When To Sell. 

Banknifty chart
Smart Sideways

BankNIFTY is consolidating since three months. Any breakout above 26000 will be fatal.

Budget Euphoria

Welcome to the Pre-Budget Rally. Last Budget had sent BankNIFTY to the moon. So people decided to reach the moon anyways before the budget.

Trumpped with LTGC

LTGC is annouced causing sharp fall. Trump catalysed the move by cracking Dowjones.

The 40 Theives

Nirav Modi’s robbery came out in light giving BankNIFTY a huge selling pressure.


Anyone with proper discipline

We shall start our journey from the basics of Options. Are you willing to sacrifice 15 mins of your entire week? That’s all our trading system will take. Sessions will be held in weekends only making it perfect for office goers.

Trading Community

Trading Community

At Unofficed, You shall be added to a private channel for life time where you can tally yours trades along with other traders. You will be guided all along in the 52 weeks personally.




Theoretical Sessions will happen in week-end only between 10:00 – 12:00 (flexible) in Flock.

Two Months


8 weekends spanning 32 compact hours. You only know what you need to know! King Ashoka and details don’t matter.

Live Trade


Practical Sessions will happen on market time based on trading opportunity (Mostly Thursdays).

Batcave policy


You will be explained all reasonings of the trades taken and will be asked for your trade idea. If you’re too shy, don’t join – We love dumb questions and we hate batmans!

Batcave and Batman Plan

1. We want the trading setups shared or automated* as We love the idea of Passive investment.

2. We also want to learn how you do it and want to enroll for the course. We will actively engage in discussions in the community and will try to make the system better.

24000 INR/ 12 months only.

*Please check the automation page for complete details.

Batcave Plan

We want to learn how you do it and want to enroll for the course only.

18000 INR/ 12 months only.

Batman Plan

Enough learning in life! Just share the trade setups or automate* it!

2000 INR/ month only.