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Embark on a comprehensive journey into algorithmic trading on the Indian stock market with our course, “Mastering AlgoTrading: A Beginner’s Guide using KiteConnect API.” This course is meticulously designed to arm beginners with the knowledge and skills required to create intelligent trading bots using the Zerodha Kite Connect API. This powerful tool allows for seamless interaction with market data and trading operations.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Foundation Building:
    • Acquaint yourself with the Zerodha trading platform and initiate a new project with Zerodha.
    • Learn to navigate Zerodha’s instrument token list, find tokens from symbols, and gain insight into obtaining historical and continuous stock data.
    • Dive into order management: placing, canceling, and exiting orders, along with understanding open positions and holdings​
  2. Backtesting Mastery:
    • Understand the essence of backtesting, a crucial practice that allows traders to evaluate the performance of trading strategies using historical data.
    • Explore the technical rules applied to historical price data and analyze the resultant trade performance over specified periods.
    • Discover how backtesting can aid in optimizing strategy effectiveness before engaging with real market conditions.
  3. Historical Data Handling:
    • Master the art of downloading historical data for any stock or a group of stocks, a foundational step towards data-driven trading strategies​
  4. Stock Screening Techniques:
    • Delve into the functionality of stock screeners, tools that assist in filtering out promising stocks from a vast pool based on specified criteria.
    • Learn to apply various filters such as RSI, GUPPY, and SMA to shortlist potential stocks for trading​
  5. Technical Indicators & Analysis:
    • Uncover the world of technical indicators like ATR, RSI, SMA, EMA, and Bollinger Bands, and understand their significance in predicting price movements.
    • Grasp the principles of technical analysis aimed at identifying trading opportunities through statistical trend analysis of trading activities​

By the end of this course, you will have gained a solid grounding in algorithmic trading essentials using the Kite Connect API, paving your way towards becoming an adept algo trader in the Indian stock market. Through hands-on examples, real-time trading scenarios, and insightful discussions, this course is a stepping stone to the exciting and evolving world of automated trading.

Course Content

Instrument Token
Historical Data
Important Functions
RSI Trading System
Guppy Multiple Moving Average Trading System
Candlestick Charting