Hydrapoint is a strategy which takes data-driven decisions where most of the trades last intraday.It is a machine learner, which picks high probability trades from a series of strategies.

Mostly, it is a short-selling strategy!

The trade is normally shared in the #hp channel of Unofficed Chat group along with a take profit. If you are new to Stock Market, please read here.

We do not keep any stop loss to this strategy. We exit if the entry condition goes invalid. So, Your entire capital can blow up.

  • Capital Requirement –  This uses a quant of 450K. The profit is not re-invested. This is also offered with clients having Theta-300K Plan or above.
  • Multiple Entries – As it bets on mean reversion on highly trending stocks, the unrealized loss racks up quite good giving a good opportunity to enter for a retailer!
  • Verified – 5000+ members are in the forum and a huge number of the members trade and will be happy to verify. Or, You can see their screenshot anyways in the public groups!

We had started this system in 2017 and had to close because of scammers used to share our trade setups in their Whatapp/Telegram groups to lure people. You can read the whole episode here.

It is perfect for those who already have basic knowledge of our methods we use here but lacks conviction. If you trade is inspired by our trade setups, please share on Twitter with a tag #hptrades as a friendly wave to our initiative!