This is a comprehensive page showcasing the historical performance of famous Gann Square of 9 in Vedanta EquitiesThe user-friendly dashboard provides comprehensive insights into each trade, including entry and exit points, trading symbols, exchange information, and more.  

It shows the strategy made huge loss over a period of time. 

Gann Square of 9 Strategy does not Work!

The backtesting results unequivocally demonstrate that the Gann Square of 9 strategy not only fails to perform as expected but actually yields favorable results when taking the opposite trade approach. In other words, selling when there is a buy entry appears to be more profitable, with the buy target serving as our stop loss for the sell trade, and so on.

Or, is it Misinterpreted? 

When something does not work with utter perfection, thats a matter of concern too!

Despite its widespread popularity, it seems that this strategy has been misinterpreted and blindly copied by many, potentially turning a minor idea into a significant but misguided trading approach. So, why not consider reversing the strategy for more favorable outcomes?

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