In Newton, We use strict and methodial rule based on Price action (i.e. no indicators) and keeping eye on fundamental news (like results, annoucements etc.) to find trades irresspective of time frame. We call it Technical Investing.

  • The trades are plotted and published on TradingView with proper explanation and hence can be tracked in lots of ways the user is comfortable with.
  • TradingView concepts cannot be modified or deleted. There is no way to cheat!
  • Just follow the trades with proper rationale! No Strings attached!
  • Trades with higher timeframe are ideal for those with full time or part time jobs!

Examples of Trades –

Once a bet is analysed and accounted, Apart from usual way of putting stoploss and target; there are also other approaches using options strategies that exercises limited loss only like vertical spreads, iron condors etc.

There is always active discussion on multiple approach towards a given trade in our forums as well as Tradingview where anyone can participate. Thousands of analysis and trades posted since 2017, an encyclopedia of price action trade scenarios that might change the way you look at the markets. Browsing these older setups a few minutes every day will boost your understanding of the markets a thousand fold.

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