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The GANN Square of 9 calculator is a tool used in technical analysis, particularly in intraday trading, that is based on the theories and techniques developed by W. D. Gann, a famous American trader and analyst who lived in the early 20th century. 

This calculator helps traders identify key support and resistance levels in the market based on a geometric grid pattern.

While we all recognize W.D. Gann as the brilliant mind behind the Gann Square of 9, he didn’t provide detailed instructions on how to use it. Instead, he kept the finer points of its application somewhat of a mystery. As a result, other traders who were passionate about Gann’s approach took it upon themselves to fine-tune and popularize this strategy, elevating it to the prominent position it holds today.

But does it strategy work?

In this course, We shall do a detailed backtesting by deploying Gann Square of 9 Intraday Strategy in Reliance and Vedanta. Get on board in this exciting data-driven journey immediately.