The aim of this Entropy is to discuss the various simple methods of using Bollinger Bands which is a profitable, easy to learn, easy to implement strategy and has a sound risk management! This page will get constantly updated with all new content based on swing trading strategies which discuss in our community.

We take leverage of the fact that stock market follows the normal distribution and we apply the methods using Bollinger Bands and other means of mean reversion. We have few in-house strategies modified for Indian Market which is namely BRS, 3BB, F3BB, FIBS, BCS.


This part will contain the core strategies on Bollinger Bands with well-documented examples as well as relevant content needed for mastering it.


Bollinger Bands Strategies:

Basics of Using Volume Profile:


This part will contain the discussions that happen in our community regarding Bollinger Bands and gets archived.

Entropy Cross Over Strategy:
Entropy Cross Over Strategy
Punjab National Bank trade using Entropy Crossover Strategy
ZINC trade using Entropy Crossover Strategy

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