The trading strategy of Entropy is derived from input of more than 50 active traders who actively traded the core strategy for a long time and given their feedback in terms of architecture of algorithmic design or the strategy itself. Apart from This website, The Entropy Ecosystem spreads into two more places –

Discord is used as a communication platform for the Newton course, where students can ask doubts on the channel anytime and check notes in case they miss a session.

It also allows students to socialize and trade spot with other members and alumni on the same concepts.

 We refer to this as the “Entropy Server”.

It is a paid community.

After purchasing the community access, an invitation link will be sent to your email which can be used to sign up.

Discourse is utilized as a tool for long-term storage and organization of discussions , offering a more structured approach.
 We refer to this as the “Forum”.

Sign up using using “Login with Discord” button. You will get updated to the respective roles automatically so that You can view hidden content.

If there is a problem, notify me in the Discord DM. My team will check out.