5Candles Strategy:

The intraday version of the Hydra Strategy is known as 5Candles Strategy. 

 Unlike Hydra strategy which can also take long positions in rare occassions, The 5candle trading strategy operates in the futures segment and involves shorting stocks at the beginning of the trading day. The primary goal is to quick profit from anticipated price movements.  
This strategy is a time compression strategy. The name 5 candles comes from the fact that it scans for a time compresion pattern in the price action structure of 5 Candles spanning multiple timeframe from the pool of the stocks scanned by Hydra strategy.  

In 2017, we launched the 5Candles system with an open sharing ethos. We believed in sharing our trading logic openly. However, we were compelled to discontinue this practice due to unscrupulous individuals who would misuse our trade setups by disseminating them in their WhatsApp and Telegram groups, potentially misleading and luring unsuspecting people. You can read the whole episode here. Now, there has been more than 40 iterations/improvements on the strategy. It is closed source but the trades are shared live!

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