This is a comprehensive page showcasing the historical performance of Golden Ratio Strategy in Reliance EquitiesThe user-friendly dashboard provides comprehensive insights into each trade, including entry and exit points, trading symbols, exchange information, and more. 

It shows the strategy made huge loss over a period of time. 

The Golden Ratio Strategy is a bad but popular among sub brokers and scam marketeers as it makes huge brokerage in the end of the day. The returns looks fantastic if you don’t show the charges. 

Initally created for an Udemy Course to demonstrate coding a paper trading bot for BankNIFTY strategy, We keep track of the trades in all Index!

Strategy Details

Golden Number = ((Previous Day High – Previous Day Low) + Opening Range of Today’s First 10 minutes))*61.8%


  • Buy Above = (Previous Day Close + Golden Number)
  • Sell Below = (Previous Day Close – Goldern Number)

Stop Loss at 0.5% 

Target at 2%

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