The 5candle trading strategy operates in the futures segment and involves shorting stocks at the beginning of the trading day. The primary goal is to profit from anticipated price movements. This strategy is an example of a time compression strategy, where it combines data from different timeframes to make trading decisions.


Initially named as Hydra Strategy, This strategy the strategy examines price and volume data from the past to identify potential entry and exit points for short positions. It aims to capture specific price patterns and trends in the market. The conditions used in the strategy are designed to provide guidance on when to enter a short position and when to exit it.

The shorting point is known as Hydrapoint.

  • Now the positional version of this strategy has retained the name Hydrapoint.
  • While the intraday version of this strategy has retained the name 5candles.
No Stop Loss Strategy!
This is a no Stop Loss Strategy which means there is no Stop Loss in the system! It is extremely controversial but people like Rakesh Jhunjhunwala did not made billions by following Position Sizing. He took huge loan and took huge leverage on top of it! But, well, media does not advocate for that. Does they?

This is a comprehensive page showcasing the historical performance along with various analytics of 5Candle trades.

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