This scanner generates a list of companies that offer the highest dividend yields while ensuring their quality through several other factors.

It looks for companies that have a healthy balance sheet, including being debt-free, and have a strong market capitalization. This criteria ensures that the companies are financially stable and have a solid foundation for future growth.

Scanner Rules:

  • Dividend yield > 5
  • Average 5years dividend > 0
  • Average return on capital employed 10Years > 7
  • Sales growth 5Years > 5
  • Average return on capital employed 5Years > 7
  • Average return on equity 10Years > 7
  • Price to Earning > 1
  • Debt to equity < 1

The Gordon Growth Model assumes that the future growth rate of dividends will remain constant, which may not always be the case. FCFE, on the other hand, relies on accurate financial statements and projections, which may not always be available or reliable. This screener takes the best rules from both theories.

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