SGX Nifty’s Live price in two different timeframe.! That’s it.

Frequently asked questions about SGX Nifty

What is SGX Nifty ?

SGX stands for Singapore Stock Exchange having its Headquarters at Singapore which provides different services related to securities and derivatives trading. Nifty 50 the benchmark Index of National Stock Exchange which is listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange is called SGX Nifty. In short, This is NIFTY futures that is traded in Singapore exchange!

What is the significance of SGX Nifty ?

Nifty 50 is traded between 9.15 AM IST and 3.30 PM IST while SGX Nifty is traded from 6.30 AM IST to 11.30 PM IST hence since the longer duration of timing SGX Nifty provides real time prices of Nifty 50 even when Nifty 50 is not trading i.e. post market hours in India. Also during Holidays in India SGX Nifty shows indicative prices based on global stock markets movements. Hence in a nutshell it provides cues on how Nifty 50 will open the next trading day in India.

Is SGX Nifty and ADR’s similar?

ADR stands for American Depositary Receipts and is listed in the USA while Nifty listed on SGX i.e. Singapore Exchange is called SGX Nifty. From a traders or a investors perspective both serve the same purpose for a Indian Investor or Trader. They show the real time traded price of the Security even when Indian Stock Markets are shut and not trading.