Entropy Alpha Strategy Scanner

The Entropy Alpha Strategy is an exclusive trading approach based on the principles of the Entropy System . It scans the stocks in 3BB Scanner and posts when there is a potential entry. Now, 

  • Long Trades: Unlike Entropy 3BB Strategy Scanner which provides trades for short setup, it provides trades for long setup.
  • Just Trigger Scanner: Unlike Entropy 3BB Strategy Scanner which uses two scanners which gives the watchlist first and then post the trades if it is triggered, The Entropy Alpha Strategy Scanner just posts when the trade is triggered.

Live Trade Sharing: 

Pricing: The Entropy Alpha Strategy Scanner is free.

How to Access: The Entropy Alpha System openly shares live trade entries and exits on the Unofficed Discussion Forum, providing transparency and insights into real-time trading decisions.

By the close of each trading day, we share the daily trade log, which is regularly updated on the dashboard.
  • Confidential Core Strategy: While live trades are accessible for evaluation, the core strategy remains confidential. This strategic safeguard is in place due to its remarkable profitability and the defination of the models afforded by Machine Learning, making it challenging to trace back to the original source logic.

  • Promoting Innovation: The system actively encourages traders to delve into the vast realm of entropy and develop their unique custom strategies. This approach fosters creativity and collaboration within the trading community, as individuals explore new avenues and adapt their approaches.

  • Complementary Strategy: The Entropy Alpha System seamlessly complements the 3BB Strategy, offering traders a comprehensive toolkit for navigating various market conditions and optimizing their trading endeavors. As both are high yield trading strategy with high drawodowns, the combination reduces the standard deviation of the portfolio!

By combining live trade sharing, confidentiality, a spirit of innovation, and strategic synergy with the 3BB Strategy, the Entropy Alpha System enhances trading effectiveness and promotes growth within the trading community.

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