The bet towards NIFTY expiry always get constantly changing based on the fundamental news and technical progression on the channels.

Right now the sentiment is bearish due to US trade war but the market is consolidating as you can see here. Currently, NIFTY is going towards the formation of the wedge!

This is my current view which is shared today –

Short 10750 PE at 36.5
Short 10850 CE at 27.3

No news expected fundamentally.

Initial Credit (Premium Received) = 63.8
Lower Breakeven is 10686.2
Upper Breakeven is 10913.8

So my current view is NIFTY will stay in the range of 10686.2 to 10913.8 this expiry unless some other fundamental cue steps in which will be updated in this answer if it does.

You can always check my trading ideas on NIFTY updated in this page Nifty Theta Live Trades. As I am quite vocal on different platforms, I made a gist!