NIFTY Theta focuses on different negatively skewed option selling strategies to trade on the time decay i.e. theta of NIFTY monthly options exclusively.

The rationales are always shared professionally in TradingView, Quora or in our Trading group live, verified by 5000+ members. If you are new to Options Selling, please read here.

  • Capital Requirement – Varies on trade to trade.
  • Trading Rationale – Varies!
  • Risk – Varies!  Mostly, the downside will be open towards unlimited drawdown! You’re advised to keep your own rational stop loss which is 10% of the employed capital on the whole setup. (e.g. If the setup is consisting of two trades, your stop loss is recommended to have at 10% of the employed capital consumed for two trades.)

If you trade is inspired by our trade setups, please share on Twitter with a tag #niftytheta as a friendly wave to our initiative!

Quant Based Approach –

The quant-based approach means trading with a fixed margin which is called Quant. It allows us to monitor trades with proper risk management. We have two systems dealing with NIFTY options so far.

The recommended capital for the single lot system is 60K and double lot system is 120K. (Assuming NIFTY lot takes 50K for selling, keeping 10K as a buffer for stop loss. Maximum drawdown is 15% which is roughly 10K and 20K respectively.