In Entropy, we take leverage of the fact that the stock market follows the normal distribution and we apply the methods using Bollinger Bands and other means of mean reversion. We have a few in-house strategies modified for NSE which is namely BRS, 3BB, F3BB, FIBS.

As the strategies are in-house, we had to code our own scanner using Python which is right now linked with our slack as well as Zerodha directly. It’s a profitable strategy and running successfully!

Currently, the scanners/trades are free, and you can use it by joining our slack group. Also, You can check the last 80 scans/triggers here. (It gets updated daily EOD). There are two types of Scanner –

3BB Scanner:

It checks the stock prices in 15 minutes timeframe that trips over 3 SD Bollinger Bands with some additional parameters. Now, if this is no external fundamental news, We have our watchlist!

Entropy Scanner:

It checks for all the things in 3BB Scanner, which is the base of all entropy trades. But, It also checks for a few things like –

  • Weekend Strategy Validity in 15 Minutes and 5 Minutes Timeframe (Case Basis)
  • Narrow Range (Compression i.e Inside Bars and modified NR Theory)
  • Bollinger Width
  • Proper 3BB Pattern Formation
  • Candlestick Type in some cases

Also, There are always constant changes based on market conditions. So the entry rules are not specific. For Example, in a consolidating market, We need to loosen up on the validity of weekend logics while it is vice-versa for the case of the market at the time of results season because it becomes highly volatile.

We have also added a few more filters and conditions to minimize false breakouts. It also checks an immediate daily trends to ensure more profitability.

How To Trade –

Entry: Any moment a stock comes into this scanner, one can immediately put short trade at the low of the previous candle’s low in 15 minutes timeframe. Once triggered,

Stop Loss: The Stop Loss should be updated to the high of that very day.

Exit Strategy: There are several exit strategies.

  • Exit when price cross-median of 1SD Bollinger band on 15 minutes time frame.
  • Exit after 30 minutes irrespective of the Profit/Loss.
  • Let it auto square off at day’s end! (Recommended)
  • TSL with Weekend or Bounce Strategy!

Past Performance –

Here go the Past trades that triggered from the watchlist of Entropy scanner –

You can backtest using the Bar Replay Method of any charting software like Tradingview with your exit strategy.