In Entropy, we take leverage of the fact that stock market follows the normal distribution and we apply the methods using Bollinger Bands and other means of mean reversion. We have few in-house strategies modified for NSE which is namely BRS, 3BB, F3BB, FIBS.

The main aim of Unofficed was to make an organized place where people will social trade based on the methods they believe. It’s hence is based on the fact that technicals work in the stock market to an extent.

There have been free sessions from the early march on Entropy which is now archived properly and available at a price of 4,200 INR.

It was a detailed discussion on why the strategy works’ which you can skip and trade with knowing the ‘what is the strategy’. This latter part has been shared free in the Unofficed website. Here are the articles –

Basics of Bollinger Bands Strategies

Basics of Using Volume Profile

Here is a documented day trading action with Bollinger bands –

You can see the live paper trades or real trades on the sheet here compartmentalized in different sheets [Social Trading till 11th June, 17]