I’ve been buying GMRINFRA whenever it touches 12.80 INR and sell it near 13.80 INR. Sometime you buy stocks for no reason, it is one of them but, I bought Basant Agro with detailed analysis.

I bought it in June 24 @6.53.

Net sale per share 35.12 is three times higher than current, so this stock has chance to become a multibagger stock

Current book value is 11.27 which is also higher than CMP. The only thing that bangs out my head is though the company is reporting regular profits, it is not paying out tax.

But, Do not buy it at its current CMP. Year high/Year low right now is = 10.16/5.31 ~1.9

Buy it when it touches 5–6 INR considering its base price stays @6.29. It is a good dividend paying stock since 1999. The picking strategy is slightly inspired from The Shopkeeper Strategy/