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  • This course shows you how to apply quantitative methods to make and plan trades
  • We shall be discussing three sets of strategies with their defined set of rules that you can apply for you to get used to trading with BankNIFTY and NIFTY Weekly options – it is great for beginners looking for some guidance when venturing into systematic risk defined options trading. It is very simple yet very efficient!
  • Generate higher ROI by taking benefit of the new margin system for risk defined strategies as well as lower risk.
  • The course will help you on your path to work with rule-based systems which you can either automate or use it build discipline

Who this course is for:

  • Intermediate Stock Market Traders
  • Options Traders
  • Intermediate Traders curious about options trading and specially BankNIFTY or NIFTY weekly options
  • People curious about proper systematic trading setups of open interest and options greeks.