Apart from Newton, We use few more systems in trade spotting over various timeframe.


This is why the group was created in first place and called Basket. There was a good company named Equity boss. One of their strategies gave 50% CAGR for 3 years and the method is working good also now. Unfortunately, they had a clash between founders and the successful startup got dead.

  • The strategy is to select 10 stocks each month which are supposed to get most fundamentally benefitted that month and is technical buy as well.
  • Take 10 stocks at the end of the month with target and stop loss.
  • Close 10 stocks if it has not hit either target or stoploss and take another set of 10 stocks in next month.

That’s it.

Covered Call Systems:

Although it is named Covered Call, it is quite unconventional from the usual covered call model system. This is automated with people who invested >20L with us at lesser risk. As usual, the setups are shared free.

Example –

So here is how the covered call system works.

The core assumption is to make the investment, investment free! That is, Earning ripping off the invested stocks by options with limited loss.

We buy shares worth of 8 Lakh. Let’s take VEDL as an example – We entered at 215. We entered at Aug 18 with 800000/215 ~ 3720 ~ 3700 shares. Now, We pledge it. We sell options of VEDL each month – call options! We aim to make a 5-10 point each month from covered call alone.

  • We enjoy the dividend. Dividend so far – 18 (While writing this artcile).
  • Profit on Covered call so far – 43
  • Net points – 18+43= 61
  • CBSL = 200.
  • Current BEP = 215.2 – 18 – 42.6 = 154.6
  • Updated TSL = 160.

If it triggers 160, We will close it irrespective of any news. This point of 160 gets lowered each month on accumulated profit. These models are running on every low beta and high marketcap stocks (We’ve a special screeener around it.)

Thematic Invesmtents:

Investments based on certain themes. Mostly there are for short term holdings (1-3 years).

There are also cases which are valid for intraday only but the effect can not be ignored.

BTST trading in Indian stocks – Salman Khan effect

Also there are weird theortical (read, statistical and induction based) bets –

Infact, there are also bets on stocks based on Flood over a regional area –

Disaster Capitalism and Indian Share Market