The Buddha System openly shares live trade entries and exits on the Unofficed Discussion Forum, providing transparency and insights into real-time trading decisions.

The watchlist generated by Buddha focuses on stocks that exhibit specific patterns, including:

  1. Double Inside Bar
  2. NR7 + Inside Bar
  3. Triple Inside Bar
  4. 3% Gap Down or 3% Gap Up
  5. Index Inside Bars
  6. Diamond Pattern

Buddha and Entropy Compliment each other!

Similar to other strategies within the Time Compression Theory, the central focus lies on identifying breakouts from the consolidation range. In the case of Entropy, the emphasis is on mean reversion, whereas Buddha centers its strategy around trading breakouts and breakdowns. 

Both of these strategies fall under the category of High Yield Trading Strategies (HYTS) and are associated with higher drawdown levels. However, their complementary nature helps maintain a balance across various metrics and provides a smoother drawdown curve.

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