People always show their profit and hide their loss. Today I will share the loss to motivate ha-ha. Right now one of my Zerodha accounts is facing a massive draw-down of 13% where I never saw my portfolio down even 5%. Have a look here –

But well, I made 45% of profit of whatever you see negative here. So I am in profit of 45% – 13% = 30%+ You may say how. In the very evening as soon as my ETNOW app in my iPhone buzzed; I opened the TV channel and realize it was going on for real.

I discussed it with some fellow traders and made notes on the next morning. Many stuff goes on head. Notes are always better. Here are my notes I made in 10/11.

I not only killed my long positions immediately based on this note; I shorted with leverage in intraday basis.

Cement Stocks – Ambuja Cements, NCC, India Cements

Auto – Maruti

DHFL – Dewan Housing

Sold 80% of my PC Jeweller stocks which I am using to buy it back 🙂

  • Bought SBI, IDBI, ONGC and sold SBI and ONGC within 2-3 days based on technicals as I am not fond of them. Still holding IDBI.
  • I did the same with PC Jewellers from the day the demonetization kicked in. I made supreme profits for couple of bearish days but shot with loss yesterday as the stock ended up bullish but I had the trade closed after couple of hours of market opening. So it was short loss.
  • Shorting Ambuja Cements since long time based on the fact how it stays at the time of 9:15 AM. I feel it stays bullish or bearish all day long without significant reversals so the opening time is a good indicator moment being. Started to short more after demonetization.
  • I shorted Delta Corp when I heard of demonetization; there was no way a casino can survive well without black money.

This is like hedging against your own share holdings based on intraday but on more aggressive and bigger scale. I also do hedge with options. The amazing thing is you can sell the shares in addition to whatever shares your broker allocates for intraday shorting. which you can buy back after making a profit as they stay as sell trades in the open positions intraday basis. That’s why following someone like me will may end up situations like this cause my data is incomplete and I believe if I hold it till I will have them all in profit!

Probably some of them had hefty earning and someone them had me killed in their mind over dozen times. No!