Upstox has the best tech stack among all discount brokers. Unofficed is a registered Authorized Person/Sub Broker of Upstox. We have already curated some services towards our clients which you can see here.

Upstox API is only available to closed-group users at the moment. And, We’re delighted to announce that People who have signed up with Unofficed are part of that closed group.

Steps to Follow:

  1. Sign up using this link – Upstox [The Referral ID (if asked, is 103436.)]
  2. Sign up at our Discussion Forum [Optional but Recommended -Important Updates (if any) and Support for API will be given through our forums only.]
  3. Then fill up this form once you get the Upstox ID.
1 Step 1


The primary reason for closing the API and making it for closed-group users is – Support and inefficient coding by the Users ending in major catastrophe for everyone. Making counter measures to such one-off uses generate false positives and reduces the overall performance!

There is a serious support gap in Upstox’s API forum.

But you can ask us and We will help to our best if you’re under our sub-brokership. Unfortunately, The rest of the Upstox users do not come under our purview. We can even code non-complex strategies for free and automate it if you’re an active API user.

You can ask question in –

  • Discourse Forum – Fast but organized Response. Assure 100% response! [Recommended]
  • Slack Forum – Fastest but the forum is messy due to chat data. Your question might get missed too!