Different Tools For Options Chain

Unofficed.com is a great website for option traders! We have a variety of free tools for different strategies related to Option Chain and Open Interest, including Max Pain Theory and Options Wheels Strategy. 

These tools are collectively called Leverage and is accessible from https://www.unofficed.com/leverage/

There are also comprehensive proprietary models based on Option Greeks. Anyways, Here is a visual representation of Call Open Interest and Put Open Interest against the Strike Price –

Here is the same chart but in stacked format. The purpose of creating these tools is to visualize Option Chain and Open Interest.

You can also find visual representation of Change of Open Interest with respect to strike price. It is greatly helpful for intraday trading –

In the above chart, there is huge green line showing huge amount of Change in Open Interest of Put Options. You can also find visual representation of Volatility Curve –

By analyzing the strike price, expiration date, option type, premium, and open interest, traders can make informed decisions and optimize their trading strategies for maximum profit.

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