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Newton is about price action trading. This is aimed towards offices goers and it starts from ground zero so you do not need any prior knowledge.


We shall start our journey from the basics of Options. Are you willing to sacrifice 15 mins of your entire week? That’s all our trading system will take.


Here, We approach to trade BankNIFTY and NIFTY Weekly Options in a Systematic Approach with Open Interest Analysis and Option Greeks.


The aim of this Entropy is to discuss the various simple methods of using Bollinger Bands which is a profitable, easy to learn, easy to implement strategy and has sound risk management!

Udemy Courses

Coding a Algo Trading Bot: BankNIFTY Golden Ratio Strategy

In this series, We will discuss the entire thought process behind coding the strategy in a paper trading bot by extracting the data using NSE’s Website.

Support and Resistance: Theory and Application

This course shows you how to apply support and resistance to the financial markets, step-by-step and in a systematic way.