Buddha is a scanner based on a price action model crunching Open Interest data which scans for F&O Stocks to short or long for day trading in the daily timeframe. Then we trade with proper technical analysis using smaller time frame.

The instrument along with the trading plan is shared at previous day night shared on TradingView or in our group, verified by 5000+ members. If you are new to Stock Market, please read here.

We are neither bear no bull. We have no alligence or emotional attachment, sentiment towards marktet’s long term direction! ” To weed out the irrationality to our probablistic benefit, We close trades in the same day!

  • Capital Requirement –  With BO order, one can do with 50K quant but It is recommended to keep sizable capital because sometimes we take the positions to overnight for hedge benefit. 
  • Tamper Proof – Thanks to the policy of TradingView, one cannot modify or delete their trading ideas giving us proper ground by root out scammers.
  • Planned – Now, there is no chance of delay in the entry which happens normally because we’re planning things out the previous night.

It is perfect for those who already have basic knowledge of our methods we use here but lacks conviction. If you trade is inspired by our trade setups, please share on Twitter with a tag #buddhatrades as a friendly wave to our initiative!