Entropy is all about trades using simple methods of using Bollinger Bands which is a profitable, easy to learn, easy to implement strategy and has sound risk management. You can read about the strategy here.

Past Trade Log

Here go the Past trades that triggered from the watchlist of Entropy scanner –

You can backtest using the Bar Replay Method of any charting software like Tradingview with your exit strategy.

Trade Performance - 2019

Here goes trading diary where trades were shared live in twitter and is verifiable through contract notes as it is automated in live accounts of several people.

Trade Performance - 2023

Here goes past performance of trades in April 2023. The trade setups were shared in Twitter, Telegram, Discord and Slack – all our communities since last four years. 

  • Net P&L: 166658.75
  • Gross Profit: 241056.25
  • Gross Loss: -74397.5
  • Gross P&L: 166658.75
  • Average Gain: 9271.39
  • Average Loss: -4133.19 
  • Maximum Drawdown: 25945.0
  • Win Ratio: 0.57
  • Avg PL: 3787.7
  • Max PL: 25875.0
  • Min PL: -15847.5
  • Expected Payoff: 3787.7
  • Recovery Factor: 3.24
  • Sharpe Ratio: 0.42
  • Profit Factor: 0.31
  • Number of total trades: 44
  • Number of times stop loss is hit: 19
  • Number of times target is hit: 25
  • Maximum consecutive wins: 5
  • Maximum consecutive losses: 0
  • Maximal consecutive profit: 47250.00
  • Maximal consecutive loss: 19627.50
  • Average holding time: 0 days 4:44:50.454545454
  • Average holding time for profit trades: 0 days 05:29:34.61
  • Average holding time for loss trades: 0 days 03:40:13.33

The trade performance report of the Entropy Scanner for the years 2019 and 2023 highlights significant changes in factors such as win ratio, average profit, and average loss over the past few years.

Capital Requirements

 Nowadays, although Entropy Scanner can give the watchlist on time; the correct triggers (as it is not mechanical) get missed. But, on a better side, we got multiple people doing entropy and sharing their own version of trades adding a new perspective to it.

  • Capital Requirement –  With BO order, one can do with 50K quant but It is recommended to keep sizable capital because sometimes we take the positions to overnight for hedge benefit. 
  • Tamper Proof – Thanks to the policy of TradingView, one cannot modify or delete their trading ideas giving us proper ground by root out scammers.
  • Planned – Now, there is no chance of delay in the entry which happens normally because we’re planning things out the previous night.

It is perfect for those who already have basic knowledge of our methods we use here but lacks conviction. If you trade is inspired by our trade setups, please share on Twitter with a tag #entropytrades as a friendly wave to our initiative!