Trading Live Bot #5


FULL automated bot on GUPPY indicator

  • What is Trading BOT?
    A Zerodha trading robot is a computer program based on a set of Indian trading signals that helps determine whether to buy or sell a currency pair at a given point in time. Zerodha robots are designed to remove the psychological element of trading, which can be detrimental. While trading systems can be purchased online, traders should exercise caution when buying them this way.


    Trading bots are widely available programs that connect to a user’s Indian exchange and make trades on their behalf. They work using a variety of indicators and signals, such as moving averages and indices. The idea is simple: to help users make money in the markets, while not wasting a lot of their time. The underlying assumption is that computers are much better at trading than humans could ever be because trading is all about mathematics and complex calculations of probability

  • About this Trading BOT
    Start the bot with 2 inputs of buy/sell and timeframe then it will scan all the stock and automatically pick the best stock among all the stock and place order on the best stock and continue with it. if u want to run bot you can continue bot without scanning and run normal bot also.


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