Ashok Leyland Swing Trade 10( Profit 25200)


We are onto the 10th trade of swing trading

Now the last time our stop-loss was hit. We exited the trade and initiated a buy trade at 113.75 as we are seeing a reversal from the current support level with stop-loss at the bottom of the green candle.

Now after consolidating for few days, it rose and we updated the stop-loss to the low of previous day candle.

As we can see it was again consolidating so we move our stop-loss to the low of the red candle.

We see that it has moved upward and broken the previous swing high so we move the stop-loss to the level of the swing high.

Our stoploss was hit at 117.5

VERDICT – The Profit of 25200.

For further reference – Ashok Leyland Swing Trade 10


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