The Alice Bot is a headless trading platform that lets you trade with different messaging platforms. Right now, it supports Telegram and Discord.

Telegram – 

Head to this link to start the bot. Alternative, You can search for @aliceapi_bot in Telegram.

Discord – 

Head to this link. The bot commands are acceptable on the #alice channel. Discord will only work once you map your Discord ID using map function in Telegram.

Commands that only work in Telegram –

  • map username,password,2fa
    This will map the account to the Telegram ID to the account if it successfully logs in. Please note that, for this to work, your 2fa passwords have to be the same.
  • map username,password,2fa,discordid
    This will map the account to both discord and telegram to the account if it successfully logs in.
  • access token or accesstoken
    This will provide access token which will be valid for 1 day and can be used for Algo trading. There will be detailed documentation on this one shortly.

Commands –

  • login
    Check if the user is logged in. If not, it logs in. If you connect yourself using map function always type login in the platform you want to use.
  • positions or position
    It shows the open positions in a table format. As it opens the positions and takes a screenshot in a headless browser; this takes around 5 seconds.
  • margin
    It will output free margin and total account value.
  • mtm or pnl or pl
    It quickly fetches the MTM and PL of the positions.
  • powerkill
    It will kill all open positions of BankNIFTY and NIFTY immediately. It will work as a square off all button. It will work perfectly when other trading platforms are down and hung.
  • convert or convert mis
    It will convert all BankNIFTY and NIFTY positions to MIS.
  • convert back or convert nrml
    It will convert all BankNIFTY and NIFTY positions to NRML. (If there is a shortage of margin; then it will start top to bottom alphabetically).
  • co sell reliance 1231.23
    It will sell Reliance future 1 lot with stop loss at 1231.33 in a cover order.
  • sell reliance 1000 at 1042.8
    It will sell Reliance 1000 qty at 1042.8 (Limit Order)
  • sell reliance 1000
    It will sell Reliance 1000 qty at market price.
  • sell banknifty 30300ce or sell bn 30300ce
    It will sell BankNIFTY this week’s option 30300ce 1 lot.
  • sell nifty 11000ce
    It will sell NIFTY this week’s option 11000ce 1 lot.
  • help
    Shows the link to this page. Well, that’s a standard thing to do!

Helper Commands –

  • banknifty maxpain
    It will show Max Pain and OI details of BankNIFTY weekly options.
  • nifty maxpain
    It will show Max Pain and OI details of NIFTY weekly options.
    It can pick up if you write “bank nifty” or “bn” instead of “banknifty”. Similarly, “n maxpain” will work! Also, “max pain” and “maxpain” are identical.
  • ltp stockname or price stockname or cmp stockname
    It will fetch LTP of the stock. It only works in FNO stocks right now. Also, it has an inbuilt natural language processing system. It will understand if you type “what is the price of reliance”. Go ahead and try it.

There will be lots of mistakes, changes/amendments in commands and downtime during this beta phase. Please keep reporting if you spot bugs. Always crosscheck the positions and data!