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Open Your Account with Alice Blue


  • It takes one month if you sign up using their usual way.
  • Fill this form and the Kolkata Branch Manager Mr. Bappa Sen will contact you personally and make the account on a fast track.

Pro Tip

  • Please choose F20 Plan if you want the same brokerage plan as Zerodha, Upstox. This is also the lowest plan offered by Aliceblue. If you’ve accidentally chosen Traditional Plan, Then get it changed immediately.
  • Leverage: Best in Industry. We can extend huge leverage to a limited number of people. So, We can extend that offer on the case and need basis.
  • NEST Terminal: Ask Mr. Bappa for giving you access to the NEST Terminal. Their usual Ant Web gets a lot of customer complaints!

API Related Queries

  • For Activation and Initial Setup Program, Please contact @dexter in #Slack to get started.
  • Activation is free for all members of our Subbrokership.
  • For Support in Python Wrapper created by Krishna, Ask here.
  • For Support in API and other API related Queries and Support, Ask in #Slack to get help from the community or in our forum to get a professional reply.

Our Support and Obligation are limited to the members of our Subbrokership.

Why open an Account with Unofficed?

Unofficed is a strategic partner of Aliceblue India. We are also registered Authorized Persons in BSE, NSE, MCX. A wide range of benefits extend to our community –

Access to Free Trading API

  • Activation and Initial Setup Program.
  • AliceBlue India’s API’s Python Wrapper created and maintained by Krishna Velu, a member of our community.
  • AliceBlue India’s API’s Python Wrapper in Flask is also maintained by our community.

Access to Telegram Trading Terminal

Priority Customer Support

  • Mr. Bappa Sen, Branch Manager of Kolkata will be your direct contact. You will have Priority Customer Support. Otherwise, the Average ETA is 1 Month!
  • If you want to escalate any issue, Feel free to poke @sidstocks or @dexter in #Slack.