Porinju Veliyath has an army of a million followers leading his tiniest casual investment ideas soaring like anything. Till date (04-10-2017) Porinju’s twitter account has over 443K followers and portfolio managed by his company Equity Intelligence has shown an incredible growth of 32.76% over last 14 years.

We have been trading and tracking him from various sources and investing (rather say, trading on it). Till now, Good money has been made. As per our quantitive analysis on 170 investment ideas posted by him in the span of 7 years; it has made a staggering return of  386.25% XIRR basis.

All you have to do is follow this page for live updates.

Amit Ghosh October 4, 20174:19 pm

Value investor Porinju Veliyath picks up stake in Kerala Ayurveda.


Amit Ghosh September 19, 20171:36 pm

Equity Intelligence bought shares of HPL Electric & Power Limited yesterday.

Amit Ghosh September 19, 201710:09 am

Tata Tea (I discussed in media @ Rs.900 few months ago) is Rs.1100+. Still looking good; split to 1 paid-up. Jun 14, 2010

CMP of Tata Tea ( currently Tata Global) is 216.4 which is after a total of 1:10 split. In that sense price would be 2164

Amit Ghosh September 19, 201710:04 am


Entire Group of Monkeys (EGoM) could not meet and decide on fuel price! If BPCL/HPCL fall sharply on this, one can buy for medium term.. Jun 7, 2010

BPCL bought at 86.84 ; CMP is 507.25. HPCL bought at 88.8 CMP is at 462.7.

Amit Ghosh September 19, 201710:02 am

Then we see a series of repeat tweets of the companies he just shared about already in the tweets.

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Amit Ghosh September 19, 20179:57 am


market won’t go down significantly. Bears just spreading panic. TV-18 going strong Rs.82 still looks good. Could go 100+very soon! Jun 02, 2010

Another TV-18

Amit Ghosh September 19, 20179:55 am


TV-18 up @ Rs.78; likely to rise further. Completed investment phase, turning around to enter ‘profit phase’. Seems like good short term bet May 31, 2010

We have already seen a buy call on TV-18

Amit Ghosh September 19, 20179:48 am


HCC, Hindustan Construction @ Rs.105 likely to make IPO for Lavassa soon when the market improves. target Rs.140. May 27, 2010

HCC is currently trading at 37.95. As I see in google finance price of May 27, 2010 is 52.5; I assume there is a share split or demerger. In that scale, HCC is can be treated of 75.9 Rs

Amit Ghosh September 19, 20179:42 am


Tips Ind up 6% @ 44. mktCap 70Cr. Owns 25000 Songs; Revenue boost with Mobile, Broadband & Radio. Management not impressive- Still good bet May 27, 2010
Tips Industries is currently trading at 70.7

Amit Ghosh September 18, 20178:05 pm


ENIL, Times Group – ‘Radio Mirchi’ Company reported impressive results for 4th Qtr. Trading at 195; a good pick for short and long term…. – 19 May 2010

ENIL is currently trading at 840.00 INR

Amit Ghosh September 18, 20178:03 pm


TV-18 @ Rs.74(mkt cap: Rs 1400 Cr) is good pick for medium term. Many triggers coming up. SENSEX (16408) would touch 18000 soon!! – May 20, 2010

The current share price of TV-18 is 43.60 INR. A failed feather.

Amit Ghosh September 18, 20177:53 pm


Wockhardt – Rs. 167, an exciting buy!

Amit Ghosh September 18, 20177:46 pm


The first tweet revolving a stock’s name dates back to Jan 5th, 2010 – “Godrej Properties, listed today is one of my picks for the decade. Stock to double in 12 months; fundamentals to follow!”

Godrej IPO kickstarted at 518 and reached to 788 on Sept 3rd, 2010. It looks like sitting at long consolidation since then.
” target=”_blank” title=”https://unofficed.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/download-22.png”>”>https://unofficed.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/download-22.png”>