General Strategies:
The Astrological Call Strategy
Earn 86% per year with ShopKeeper Startegy
How to use Candlestick Charting to make money
Nemish Shah’s Investment Strategy
How to find Undervalued Stocks in Indian Share Market
How do I perform market sector analysis properly before stock picking

Intraday Strategies:
Intraday Strategy: NR7
Intraday Strategy: CandleSticks
Intraday Strategy: Opening Range Breakout
Intraday Strategy: Gap Up and Gap Down
Intraday Strategy: Fundamental News
Scalping Strategy: Day Trader’s note on Opentrade and Bollingers
Intraday Strategy: Bull Flag Trading Strategy

Option Strategies:
Option Strategy: Long Strangle
How to get maximum profit from Option Strangle
Options Strategy: Price Action Method
Option Strategy: Max Pain Theory

Research Reports:
Kushal Tradelink
Ultramarine & Pigments Ltd
Chambal Fertilizer
Thirumalai Chemicals
Advance Enzyme IPO
NBFC Sector
Gati Ltd
Ashok Leyland
Sugar Sector

Case Studies:
How to handle effects of demonetization on Stock Market
Surgery on my Share Market income

Which stocks to buy in Post Demonetization

Which stocks to buy in Post Demonetization Part II
How to handle Trump effect in Indian Stock Market
What happens to Indian Stock Market if Hillary Clinton wins
Real Estate vs Stock Market: Which is a better investment idea

Review of Tradeacademy
Investors: Minance Review
Investors: Square Off Review
How minance gives 5% capital protection and makes money?
Should we try Zerodha’s Smallcase?
What is your review of Zerodha OpenTrade
How to invest in Share market using Equityboss

Portfolio Management:
How to calculate Beta for Indian Stock Market
The Core Satellite Portfolio

General Questions on Share Market [Must Read]:
Do not follow Stock Market Gurus blindly
Why are there so few successful day traders
Book Value: What is it’s importance in Stock Market
Effect of Interest Rates decisions into Stock Market
What are the best Defence Stocks in Indian Stock Market
Is there any advantage of Stock Split?
How to maximize profits combining technical indicators
How buying WIPRO Shares made thousands of villagers into Millions
Can E-commerce data be used to predict stock market?
Top 5 factors to never lose money in Stock Market again

General Questions on Share Market:
What is Muhurat Trading
Which day of a week is best day to buy the stock.
How buying WIPRO Shares made thousands of villagers into Millions
How to make money in stock market with small capital
How to choose Best Stocks for Long Terms Investments

General Questions on Options Trading:
Selling Options makes more money than Stocks
How to find Liquid Stock Options to Trade?
How to calculate Max Pain Strike Price
The Security Transaction Tax Trap

Trading Resources:
Best Books to Learn Stock Market Investing

December16 Short Term Picks
Stock Analysis on a Long Term Portfolio

Short Term Stocks to buy in February
Long Term Investment Stocks for 2017 in February