Unofficed Discussions 3: Market Overview


The discussion happened on last night and was shared on #nse_daytraders channel in our forum.

Share Market Discussions

Here is the gist of the whole discussion –

Before that, Market fell yesterday; so tomorrow we get a lot of low-risk high reward opportunity. Nasdaq is up; SGX Nifty is up. I am speculating market won’t fall tomorrow or will rise at the end of the day. USD has started down cycle. I don’t see heavy FII pulling too.

USDCAD is going down while EURUSD is shooting up. This is USD downcycle.

Here is the first intraday trade idea – 

Indiacements Trade Idea

175 stop-loss. 182 is resistance; so 181.5 is target price; 177 is the entry.

Here is the second intraday trade idea – 

MRF Share Price

First, you buy at 63700 with the stop loss at 63500. If 63500 is broken then aim for buy at 63000-63100 with stop-loss at 62600.

Most likely market will gap the fuck up tomorrow and
– will be in sell mode if 5 mins (and 15 mins) candle low is breached.
– will be in buy mode if 5 mins (and 15 mins) candle high is breached.

If buy mode happens; look at SunTV with a stop loss at 780.


  • SunTV futures bought at 788 with a stop loss of 780 and ended at 296.6.
  • MRF futures bought at 63700 ended at 64560.
  • India cement futures bought at 177 ended at 179.5


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